Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Now Interrupt the Mundane...

...for a week jam-packed with doctor visits and listening to little lungs with stethascopes.  Good thing mama knows how to use one of those little contraptions.  Turns out, little we #6 and #7 have had horrific colds and the littlest we had pneumonia!  Poor little thing was having a hard time breathing so mama called the doctor and the doctor said get that kid in here pronto!

Thankfully, we avoided the hospital and ended up doing breathing treatments here.  Littlest we (aka Millie) was tolerant of them and we even 'taught' her to breath deeply for them.  She was such a riot!  We would turn the machine on and it was like a Pavlovian response:  she would immediately start huffing with her mouth wide open and looking at us like "hey, I'm doing this right, aren't I?"  Gotta love that kid...even when she's sick she's got a look on her tiny little face!

Unfortunately, mama also got the cruddies and was down and out for a few days.  Needless to say I'm back and itching to get to work on something that will no doubt curl your toes and straighten your hair.  Daddy is ill but he is still being such a trooper and I hope his time in the snot-zone is short.  Now that the littles are healing, I think it's time to stir something up!

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