Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun Is How You Make It

The littles and I decided to have an indoor fun day last week.  I decided to capture the moments on the digital camera and share them here.  Our poor digi is about 7 years old, so it doesn't take the best pictures.  What gives it life and makes it happen is that these two little ones are the most beautiful things on this Earth and even a really cheap, disposable would take breath taking pictures of them!

It started with a little breakfast...
(no solids for you, yet!)

Natalie enjoying 'pampakes'!

Then we had a bubble bath!  Bathing together with one was fun and easy but two is a bit of a challenge.  It usually takes us about an hour and then Natalie still plays after we are finished.  I swear, that kid could live in the water as long as it's about 75 degrees!

Clean baby ears!  Amelia has loads of hair around the edges but is a little baldy on the top, just like daddy!

My little mermaid! 

I wish there weren't creepy, stalker types online and I could show you the rest of the pic.  We usually keep a plastic cup in the tub area to rinse the kids.  Natalie put both feet in it and said, "Look Mommy, I'm a mermaid.  See me swishing my tail."  It was hilarious and you could see the realism on her face.  She was a mermaid and she was swishing that tail so much that a small amount of water got on the floor but let's not tell Daddy!

Next, we got dressed in our finest (note:  Mommy's finest still includes maternity clothes so NO COMMENTS ON MY LACK OF FINERY :)

LOVE the bow.  The drool, well that just comes along with the beautiful packaging!

Tell me, who DOESN'T wear their crown to a picnic on the living room floor?

Mommy put on some FOOTLOOSE and got the party started!

Dancing queen!

Taking a bow!

It was food time and Natalie was the chef.  She's 4 but let me tell you, she knows a thing or 12 about what she wants and nutrition.  She made sure we had our fruit and veggies!


As we were winding down, I took a few goofy pics and then we found 'the hat.'  This was Natalie's fav hat as a baby/toddler, so I did up some pics with Millie in the hat.

And just for a little comparison, the pic on the top is Millie at 5 1/2 mos.  The one on the bottom is Natalie at 5 1/2 months.  These two are definitely from the same stock! 

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