Monday, May 24, 2010

BHG Magazine Suggests Throwing Breastfeeders in the Toilet

***There is also an apology available on the blog and at BHG's Facebook page***This has changed on the website.  It now reads "9 Commandments of dining with little kids."  They so graciously backspaced over the breastfeeding commandment.  The best I could do is a print screen, because the original link now goes to the "9 Commandments" article.  If you are as PISSED about this as I am, join this Facebook group and find out how to sound off!

"Stolen" from the Facebook page, Boycott Better Homes and Gardens:

Amanda - "Just because it's a 4-star restaurant doesn't mean their patrons take 4-star shits.  Their poop stinks as bad as someone taking a poop at McDonalds..."

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JoannaBHG said...

Hi, Jennifer,

I'm commenting to let you know we read your post and understand your concerns about our post. You're right--the post was entirely inappropriate and should not have been published. Our official apology is here:

Again, we are so sorry for posting this and for offending you!


Joanna Linberg
Assistant Editor
Better Homes and Gardens