Monday, May 3, 2010

Sorry, I'm Broke...

...and I really mean it!  I've got $12.34 to my name right now and 7 kids who need (and want) a bajillion things.  Sorry, I'm broke kids so you'll just have to live on sunshine and happiness!

Are you broke, too?  Really?  Then why the hell are you out there, complaining about being broke, and then taking your kids to ballet lessons?  You go on and on and on about how you can't afford diapers and formula but then tell me that you just enrolled baby in a Momma and Me gymnastics class.  I really love it when you tell me you've spent all day down at the Department of Human Services office trying to get them to give you food stamps, housing assistance, and utility payments and then light up one of your $6 per pack cigarettes. 

You're broke?  So why is it that my kids are over here eating bologna while yours are eating steak that you bought with food stamps because your husband got laid off and he is too good to go to work for some 'stupid, demeaning' $7 per hour job?  You beg to get some money to pay your car payment so that it won't get repo'ed and your kids can have a way to get to school, yet you were parked in said car at the casino Saturday night.

I only have this to say to you:  GET A JOB.  If you want ballet lessons for your kid, but can't afford to buy your own food, get a job to cover the food and the ballet.  You want to smoke cigarettes and go through a premature and painful death while driving up the cost of MY healthcare, get a job and when you get emphasema, pay for your medical AND your current living yourself.  Got your eye on the slots?  Then get a job and work and save your money by walking some places instead of always driving that car with the fancy gadgets and then take a little break at the casino.

I've got $12.34 to my name, but my husband worked for it.  Heck, I worked for it cleaning and cooking and making sure my kids know the value of a dollar and that they were fed with it.  If you want to complain to me about the weather, politics, the state of the state, I'll be more than happy to comiserate.  But if you want to bitch and whine about not having any money for the things your family needs and then tell me about your new iPhone...GO GET A JOB.


Anonymous said...

I love you. :)


Anonymous said...

Teehee!!! Can I kiss you???
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I have a strong urge to hug you right now. lol


Anonymous said...



jen said...

Awww, my adoring fans, how I love you! I dedicate this blog to y'all!

Jen ♥

christy77 said...

I soooo agree. I complain about not being able to put my kid in karate and other activities because I spend all my money on food, housing and the things he NEEDS! It drives me crazy having to listen to people like you are describing. But then I remind myself that in the end we all get what we have worked for in the end......and some of us have worked mighty hard.