Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Braggity Brag Brag

Garsh, I've been busy!  I rarely take the time to post unless I'm peeved at something so I thought I'd try to do a positive post (love ya, Connie!).

I really do have the best kids on the planet.  I know, I know.  YOU think you have the best kids on the planet, but you are free to think that if you want because, as a parent, I'm sure we all think our kids are either the best or the worst depending on how many cell phones we've dug out of the toilet today.   But seriously, my kids are showing the world just how great they are and I'm sitting back basking in the after-glow.

Teryn has graduated and is heading off to college soon.  She's spending the summer playing at THREE All-State tourneys and working out/running and keeping in shape.  I'm so stinking proud of her for keeping focused through all of the Senioritis and partying that usually accompanies the final spring of highschool.  Here's an article about her game at the OGBCA All-State tourney.  She so totally rocks :)  http://coachesaid.com/Article/2010/6/5/OGBCA-All-State-Games

My son is participating in summer basketball camp at the school.  He didn't want to go, but I talked him into it.  He's feeling sort of left behind by his sister's 'fame' and I hope I helped him through that.  Ricky felt like he would never live up to Teryn's abilities and I told him he wouldn't.  He WILL live up to his abilities only if he goes out there and works his butt off.  Who knows?  He might be the next Michael Jordan!  But we won't know if he doesn't go out and try his best to be his best.  I told him there is absolutely room in this family for more than one basketball star.  He was ready to go 30 minutes early today :)

Kalyn has been a phenomenal help to me these past few weeks.  About a month ago, I had a tooth surgically extracted (YEOWCH) and she helped make sure that I had soft food to eat.  I am currently recovering from a surgery to remove three hardened lymph nodes and some of the muscles from my shoulder and neck.  Kalyn has been extremely helpful to me and everyone in this family.  Last year at this time, I was on bedrest and trying desperately to hold on long enough to have a living baby and Kalyn stepped up to help then, too.  She is a rock star at laundry and cleaning up Bill's messes in the kitchen.  One day, some incredibly lucky guy is gonna snag her away from me.  Until then, I'm so lucky to be her momma and have her help glue our family together.

Natalie went to her first day of summer reading at the local library today.  The topic:  Water Safety.  She sat quietly through a (boring) video showing kids how to wear life jackets and be water wise.  After the movie was over, she told everyone within ear shot about water safety and how to wear a life jacket properly.  Gotta love that she's four and a sponge!  She came home and told her daddy that he must never go swimming alone because he can't call for help on his cell phone.  They don't work if you fall in the water!!! 

Millie Rae, dear sweet baby that she is, has been through the ringer lately.  She got an ear infection and a high temp that resulted in a viral rash that made her miserable all last weekend.  Through all of that, she has learned a new 'trick.'  Bill calls it the 'butt scoot' but I like to refer to it as 'upright crawling.'  She can kick her legs and, while remaining in a sitting position, scoot herself all over the floor.  Regular crawling is just too unimaginative for her;  she is most definitely her father's daughter.  Why do things the normal way when you can make your own way of cruising so as to utterly destroy the place?  Ordinarily, I'd be sad at the thought of her growing up, but with my achin' shoulder and neck, I'm happy that she's keeping herself busy shredding the magazines and eating everyone's shoes.  GOOO Millie.

And, lest you think that all of these accomplishments are but a figment of my overactive (and percocet laced) imagination, I got the best compliment a mother can get.  Yesterday at McDonald's (yes, I take my kids there occasionally, so no negativity :) an older woman said that I must be an 'excellent' mother because my kids were so well-behaved and polite.  She commented that Natalie was so 'calm' and she had 'never seen a better behaved' toddler, especially at McDonald's.  I know that I recently got my panties in a wad over a blog about restaurant etiquette, and McDonald's is usually the place you expect to see children not exactly on their best behavior.  But I got that complement.  So, Heather W., stick that in your pipe 'n smoke it!  :)

Okay, my shoulder is painin' me, so I'm off to medicate.  Go ahead...brag about your kiddles, too! 

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